From problems to prosperity.
An approach like no other.


From problems to prosperity.
An approach like no other.


Injecting more of the real you into
formal legacy planning processes.


Everyone involved deserves to be heard. I meet with every stakeholder to learn about their hopes and their concerns and understand things from their point of view.


I come up with ideas to resolve turmoil, then devise your long-term strategy for change that works for everyone. I make this easy for your lawyers to formalize.


Change is only possible in a safe environment, so I help you navigate these uncharted waters and guide you past any challenges you face along the way.


Once you’ve achieved your initial goals, I’m here to advise you as needed.  Looking out for your family dynamic and family business at the same time.


The keystone of your family business.

All families are fuelled by emotion. Add money into the mix and it gets complicated. I’ll help you cut through everything that’s clouding your decisions, so you can move forward in a way that works for everyone.

Ginger Goldsmith

4th generation family business owner and family foundation trustee

Jennifer helps you unpack. Like two different parents. Sometimes you want to hear it not from a legal standpoint. She’s more of the emotional side. She takes the business language and translates it in a personal way.